Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Parivartan Organise 2`nd Health Camp in Sangariya Village , Jodhpur

           Since the villagers are deficient in nutrition and also they don’t have a hospital nearby.So, keeping all this in mind the main aim of this visit was to organize a health camp and provide them clinical facilities and also to tell them about cleanliness.
We reached the village in a bus provided by the institute then all the members gathered in a private school named R.S.I. public school and then divided themselves into 3 teams.
These teams interacted with the villagers and told them about the health camp providing free checkup and medicines. 
The checkup started started at around 3 p.m. and we distributed free medicines and also a lifebuoy soap and told them about cleanliness.
Along with all these, informal session was going with small children and these activities were related to general health awareness. And we also distributed biscuits, chocolates and soaps.
After all, the villagers were looking satisfied

Parivartan Calibrate Dewali at Sangariya Village , Jodhpur

Diwali for everybody means spending the time with family members with loads of sweets, lights and crackers. The real essence of it lies in the fact that it brings together the family, increases the bonds of love and affection. Here far away from home, the thought of celebrating Diwali all alone subdued our spirirts to a great extent. Little did we know that this Diwali is going to change the very concept we had of it. Lighting lamps without your siblings around ,Diwali without the delicacies made by our mother and bursting crackers alone was what we were looking forward to. But the day had something else in store for many of us. Not only was it the most unique of all the celebrations but also the most delighting and satisfying one. The innocuous faces of the little children and their unbeatable spirits really affected everyone of us. Visiting the Sangaria village was an awesome experience. First we gathered all the young ones in the village temple. Then we conducted the rangoli competition, while making rangoli the shouts of “ Happy Diwali” echoed everywhere .When we distributed sweets and clothes among the children their faces lit up like Diwali sparks. All forgot themselves in the festive fervour. Later at dusk, the temple lit up with the brightness of the lamps.  Though none wanted to leave the celebration but we finally left carrying the smiling faces of all the children in our heart.     
                                                                                                                            By :- Vrushali Sisodiya 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Parivartan Summer Camp`13

               a ray of hope .....

                                                                                        There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. Recently Parivartan organized summer camp which lasted for 5 days from 10th to 14th of May. There was a huge participation of students from both private and government schools. The main aim of this camp was to inculcate within the students the feeling of working together in a group, to help each other, to make them aware of the technologies that are contributing a lot to the society. The very first day an Entry behavior form was given to the students to check the present mindset of the students. A group activity was conducted in which the students were given a topic on social cause and they had to present a drama for 4 to 5 minutes which was judged to increase the excitation among the children. Then there was a fine arts competition which included clay modeling and painting. The enthusiasm of the children was simply inexpressible. Then there was a lab visit. Students were taken to robotics lab, physics lab, SID lab. The instructors gave them a basic overview about technical aspects of the lab, about the projects the students are working on. The children were very amazed to see the things which were beyond their imagination. Their eyes were brightened with lots of hopes and it seemed as if they were curious to get involved in these activities and explore. A science quiz was also organized to check the mental level of the children. There was aeromodelling workshop in which the students were told about water rockets and then a competition was also held in which the students had to make water rocket and then the height up to which the rocket rises was judged. It seemed as if their eyes were fixed on the sky and they were flying with lots of aspirations and desires in their heart. Seeing their inquisitiveness and innocent faces even we remembered our childhood days when this was just the part of our fantasies. Now comes the fifth and the most memorable day. Firstly there was EduXtree Youth Counseling in which the students were told about the career opportunities and also that it is a complete educational platform for carrier guidance. Then there was prize distribution. The students were given prizes for the various activities they did by Prem Kumar Kalra (Director of IIT Jodhpur), Dr. Vivek Vijay sir and Narayan sir (Assistant Professor Energy). The students were very happy and excited. We talked to them regarding their visit. They said that they enjoyed a lot and also learned many things. It gave us a feeling of ultra satisfaction that we were successful in our aim. All the faculties were also very happy. All the students had smile on their faces and a determination to do something in their life and contribute to the society. Lastly they were given Exit behavior form to know their mindset after they underwent through such activities. Overall it was an awesome experience throughout the camp. All the members were very cooperative and faculty’s guidance gave us the right direction to work along. We hope that this camp will bring PARIVARTAN in their lives.
                                                            Written by :- +Shivalika Agarwal

Friday, 12 April 2013

Parivartan visit to sangariya village

I am Parivartan. My family went to Sangariya. I saw the homeless, i saw the weak, i saw the malnourished, i saw the torn, worn, forlorn faces, i saw them plead, i saw pity, i saw pain, and i saw myself looking into them, asking them who, why and how? I am Parivartan, i had come to change, but they changed me. I had come to give them hope, but their gaze pierced me, tore me apart, left me with unanswered questions, left me alone in the dark. Gloom. Sadness. Plight. But then, they held me, my family of 52, my family who pulled me out of the dark, their blood gushing with pride, the confidence that they would change, and i am not alone. They laughed, they spread joy. They gave away hope, to those eyes, to me. They danced, they sang, they ran, they loved, and were loved back. And i kept looking at them, from a distance, and i know, i believe, they would change. These eyes, the determination and passion that they have, they would change. And they would keep my fire burning, keep me alive, in them, and in everyone they would touch. They are Parivartan. I am Parivartan. And i feel alive. Love. Peace. Empathy.                                        

                                  Written by - Vivek Sharma

Parivartan organise 1`at Health camp in Sangariya village , Jodhpur

Parivartan visit to Sangaria Village "When a poor person dies of hunger it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she deserved." But here is a ray of hope - PARIVARTAN- a change , a candle to lighten their lives brighten their minds , to strengthen their hopes and widen their scopes. Parivartan family recently visited a nearby village Sangaria to spread awareness among the people regarding the education of their children and also to understand the depths of problems they are facing. This visit made us clear about their problems and gave us a direction  to work along. To get their acceptance for us, we conducted nukkad in their local language for their better understanding. The theme of nukkad was to present the difference between the life of an educated and an uneducated person. After the play we could really see the difference on their faces. The members divided themselves in groups and went to everyone's home to interact with them, to know their problems, to tell them the importance of educating their children and to spread the general awareness regarding their health. The people were very happy to interact with us. Without any hesitation they told us all their problems and asked us if we could really help them. We assured them that we will help them in every possible way we can. The general problems we came across were water scarcity, child marriages, unhygienic conditions, unavailability of doctor, girls education, and many more. So to start with, Parivartan organized a health camp the next week. We went there with a team of expert doctors in various fields. We got a very good response from the masses. Various health problems of these people were addressed by the doctors. They were given free medical check up and free medicines. We also counseled them for keeping their surroundings neat and clean. Meanwhile we interacted with the children there . We taught them how to see a watch. We played with them. We distributed toffees and biscuits. The children were happy, filled with joy, filled with passion to do something. Initially seeing their torn, worn and forlorn faces , their malnourished body , their innocence , our hearts were filled with sorrow and pity. It seemed their silent eyes were screaming for justice , for their birthrights
 But after the visit we could see the change on their faces, a glitter in their eyes to do something, their positive response gave us a sign that we are on the right path. Initially villagers didn't interact with us frankly. So we introduced ourselves and explained our vision to them which was their upliftment in the society. So just to make them more friendly with us, we organized the health camp. After the camp was over, we took feedback from the people. The people were                          very happy and gave us lot of blessings. Their eyes were like filled with a new ray of hope as they got a new opportunity to get their problems addressed. They had started trusting us, which was a positive sign for us. Frankly they told us about all their problems . We assured them that we will definitely come up with some solution. Even the doctors were very happy to be a part of be the health camp. It was a unique experience for them also to work for the betterment of the society. We were happy to see our aim getting fulfilled, aim of bringing PARIVARTAN. 

Written by :- +Shivalika Agarwal  .......